Brazil – Federal Police Implement New SISMIGRA Immigration System

What has changed

The Federal Police are implementing a new SISMIGRA (Sistema de Registro Nacional Migratório) immigration system which replaces the SINCRE (Sistema Nacional de Cadastro e Registro de Extranjeiros) system. SISMIGRA is a more modern computer system designed to align with the new Brazilian immigration legislation.

The implementation has caused disruption and limitation of services. Since mid-September, the Federal Police’s system has not functioned properly. Their offices are expected to resume normal services with the new system beginning October 1, 2018, although it has not been confirmed whether online appointment scheduling will be available prior to that date.

Previously, an appointment with the Federal Police could be scheduled online, with an approximate lead time of one (1) to two (2) weeks. The application required three (3) to four (4) hours to complete the process. There will be no estimates available regarding new process times until the SISMIGRA system is fully implemented and functioning.

Who is affected

All clients with current foreign employees in Brazil or planning to send employees in the upcoming days/months.

What to expect

The Federal Police are reviewing and updating forms, procedures and structures in preparation for the new SISMIGRA system. Delays are expected for appointments and consultations.

Applicants who need to meet with the Federal Police in the next few weeks will experience longer lines and longer than usual processing times for status updates and approvals.

Due to the transition to the SISMIGRA system, the São Paulo Federal Police’s agenda is currently unavailable for setting new appointments. However, collection of Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório (CRNM) local ID cards, formerly known as Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros (RNE), is still available, since an appointment is not required for this service.

Note: This is currently the situation at the São Paulo Federal Police. Other jurisdictions may make changes to their processes in the near future. We will provide updates as changes are announced for other jurisdictions.

What you need to do

  • Emigra Worldwide will keep clients informed about implementation of new procedures in governmental offices.
  • Emigra consultants will inform our clients about any impact the changes may have on upcoming assignments.
  • In regards to the changes in the Federal Police registration system, Emigra will provide clients appropriate assessment on a case-by-case basis in order to confirm if the application may take place before full implementation of the new system.