Emigra Worldwide is different. Our company’s culture, business, immigration strategy, and policy are like no other in the industry. We have launched the industry’s first open pricing model—designed to save you money by promoting choice and transparency, thus eliminating cost confusion, hidden fees and unnecessary extras. We have deployed next-generation open technologies that far surpass all existing systems in customization, responsiveness, and data security. We have expanded our open reach and massive global footprint to place even more of our own people and our own brick-and-mortar offices in more strategic locations around the world. Plus, we offer more flexible, end-to-end capabilities and more hands-on, personalized strategic counsel and support, than any other company.

Consulting and Compliance

Emigra Worldwide offers in-depth experience and flexible solutions to even the most complex cases by partnering with you to develop a customized service model. This model is highly tailored to your corporate culture and ensures that they are in compliance.

Case Management

At Emigra Worldwide, we give you peace of mind. Remaining in compliance with immigration laws requires constant monitoring of the location of a company’s global workforce as well as their employees’ foreign assignments, ensuring that they have the proper, unexpired documentation. We provide you with a single point of contact for case initiations and overall account management, real-time status updates, and centralized billing and reporting.


At Emigra Worldwide, our technology enhances quality and communication, without making things more complicated. We constantly improve our technology and methodologies. It is what keeps us at the forefront of a rapidly changing legal and business environment. We adapt, change, and evolve, constantly seeking out innovative methods to enhance our service and help you achieve your business objectives in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.