Vamos!: 4 Immigration Categories for Urgent Work in Latin America

Virtual workspaces, cross-border commuting, and the impact of technology on the globalization of the world’s economies are but a few contributors to contemporary challenges encountered in the global mobility and immigration industries.  As companies struggle to identify compliant , yet feasible means of deploying personnel all over the world, their efforts are frequently stymied by unyielding immigration policies that are “behind the times.”

Companies conducting business in Latin America may feel like they are held hostage by oppressive immigration policies that give little consideration to a company’s need to secure urgent, short-term work authorization for employees.  Because of the activities an individual will perform, a costly and lengthy immigration process may be required before critical personnel are able to step foot in the country.

Faced with the prospect of losing customers, missing deadlines, or failing to meet contractual obligations, companies are constantly in search of creative solutions to the problems presented by immigration regulations.  Fortunately, solutions do exist!

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