Russia-Change in Requirements for Migration Registration

What has changed

The Russian Federation has announced that effective July 8, 2018, a new law will pass whereby foreign citizens will only be able to complete their migration registration with the address of their actual residence.

Who is affected

Any client, who currently has or will have, employees working or residing temporarily in Russia who have not already completed their migration registration or who do not yet have permanent accommodation.

What to expect

Once enforced on July 8, 2018, employees who will be working or temporarily residing in Russia may no longer use their employer’s address and will have to provide their actual residential address for their migration registration. Clients may need to think about housing in advance in order to secure residence for the employee to facilitate their registration process.

What you need to do

  •  Clients with employees destined to work in Russia are advised to plan ahead accordingly to ensure correct practices are in place ahead of the changes.
  •  Emigra can prepare clients by providing a red flag on this new law during initial assessment.
  •  Contact your Emigra Worldwide representative for further details on how these updates may impact you or your client.