Romania – Mandatory Criminal Record Certificate for Companies Filing Work Permit Applications

What has changed

As part of a recent government ordinance adopted by the Romanian Government, companies filing for work permits must prove they have a clear criminal record before applying for work authorization for Non-EU Nationals. Companies are now required to obtain a Criminal Record Certificate from relevant authorities before submitting work permit applications.

Previously obtaining the Criminal Record Certificate was not a prerequisite for applying for work authorization for Non-EU Nationals.

Who is affected?
What to expect

  • Companies applying for work permit authorization for Non-EU Nationals

All companies must prove to government authorities that they have a clear criminal record by obtaining a Criminal Record Certificate. The Criminal Record Certificate should state that the company is clear of any international criminal acts under the Labor Code and that they are compliant with all regulations.

Employers will also be required to submit documentation confirming financial stability of the organization and that they have no outstanding payments.

If the above conditions are not satisfied, the company will not be permitted to hire Non-European nationals.

What you need to do
Planning ahead

  • Employers looking to hire or transfer Non-European Nationals to Romania must be prepared to prove that they have a clear criminal record and are in good financial standing.
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The information above was provided by Emigra Worldwide, our global network partners, and relevant government authorities. The information herein is for general purposes only and not intended as advice for a particular matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the global immigration professional with whom you work.