Finland – UK Nationals Strongly Advised to Register Their Residence in Finland

What has changed

On January 21, 2019, the Finnish Immigration Service began to strongly recommend that all British citizens currently living in Finland complete their EU Registration process as soon as possible due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations. The EU Registration process for all British citizens consists of registering their right of residence in Finland.

The required EU Registration process for UK nationals who stay longer than three (3) months has not changed. However, due to the current situation with Brexit, the Finnish Immigration Service strongly recommends that UK Nationals who have not completed the process, register for residence in Finland as soon as possible to retain their right of residence in Finland after the Brexit decision.

Who is affected

All clients who have British nationals residing and working in Finland, who have not completed their EU Registration.

What to expect

Emigra Worldwide advises British nationals who have legally resided in Finland for an uninterrupted period of (5) years to apply for a Certificate of Permanent Residence as an EU citizen.

If the UK nationals have already registered their residence in Finland, they will not be required to carry out any additional steps, as this document does not expire. As the Brexit situation becomes clearer over time, the Finnish Immigration Service will provide further instructions on how British nationals can maintain their residency in Finland.

Emigra Worldwide will keep clients informed about updates related to new procedures and their impact on ongoing and upcoming assignments.

What you need to do

Emigra Worldwide can provide assistance on how to complete the process and book the necessary appointments (to attend the Finnish Immigration Offices to verify their identity and documentation) for EU Registration.

Contact your Emigra Worldwide representative for further details on how these updates may impact you or your client.