Case Management

At Emigra Worldwide, we give you peace of mind. Remaining in compliance with immigration laws requires constant monitoring of the location of a company’s global workforce as well as their employees’ foreign assignments, ensuring that they have the proper, unexpired documentation. We provide you with a single point of contact for case initiations and overall account management, real-time status updates, and centralized billing and reporting. Our dynamic team of immigration professionals has extensive experience with managing global immigration matters for clients and offers:

  • Access to our state-of-the-art immigration case management tool, enabling client access to communicate with our firm and review and update case status
  • Immigration planning and oversight, and setting clear expectations for all immigration matters
  • Guaranteed turnaround times on email or phone inquiries
  • Ongoing support and updates provided by dedicated immigration professionals
  • On-site training for our your human resources/management teams
  • Centralized and integrated case and billing reports
  • Case coordination and strategy


Our services include:

  • Ongoing counsel for short and long term immigration matters for current employees and new hires
  • Immigration policy and strategy development to ensure global compliance
  • Timely immigration alerts so you are constantly updated on evolving trends and issues
  • On-site training for humans resources and management