Emigra’s Toronto office is home to our Canadian inbound practice. We provide comprehensive Canadian immigration services including advice and guidance on applications submitted for intra-company transfer work permits for employees and dependent visas for their qualifying dependents. Our Canadian team is able to provide immigration support with all other categories of immigration matters such as applications made under GATS and NAFTA, Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications, work permits under the Significant Benefit category, business visitor applications, applications under other Bilateral Agreements (such as with Chile, Colombia and Peru), permanent residence, investors and special programs.


Our inbound Canadian practice offers a variety of immigration services, including the following core services:

  • Country profiles and immigration alerts
  • 100% full end-to-end case management
  • Work permit management
  • Change of status management
  • Review of company compliance procedures


We also offer services that are considered atypical by many other providers. These services include:

  • Consular Processing Services (preparing applications, providing processing assistance)
  • Document Gathering Services (obtaining marriage licenses, birth certificates, police records)
  • Document Translation/Legalization Services (arranging for translation and notarization of documents, obtaining apostilles)

Locations serviced